Gordon King has developed a series of participatory workshops for congregations that wish to explore the mission of personal and social transformation. The parables are used as stories that encourage us to examine the context of our congregations and discern God’s call to work in the borderlands. The format includes plenary presentations, group discussions, guided prayer, and opportunities for dialogue.

The content can be adapted to suit the needs of the congregation. A suggested plan for a weekend is presented below:

Friday Night: 90 Minutes to 2 Hours

Introduction to the Parables, the Context and The Mission of Jesus: Understanding the power of stories; the first century context; our context; a farmer, seed, and soils (the triumph of God’s rule and the character requirements for fruitful service).

Saturday: Session 2: 2.5 – 3 Hours with Break

Organizers can chose two of the following themes for workshops.

  • Overcoming Barriers of Race and Ethnicity: The Good Samaritan
  • Responding to Economic Disparity: The Rich Man and Lazarus
  • Concern for the Hungry and Under-nourished: The Great Banquet
  • Gender Discrimination and Violence: The Widow that Demands Justice
  • Advocacy on Behalf of the Voiceless: The Dissident Slave
  • Attitudes of the Heart: Five Stories about Slaves
  • Proclaiming and Living Forgiveness: The Unforgiving Servant

Section 3: Sunday Morning:

Interactive Discussion: Letting the Parables Set the Rhythm of Mission; Stories of Jesus, Our Stories and the Story of Our Congregation.

Sermon: Re-discovering Mission: New Wine in New Wineskins