Seed Falling on Good Soil

Seed Falling on Good Soil

CASCADE_TemplateSeed Falling on Good Soil is written for people who long for the healing of our wounded world.

The book explores parables of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke. The characters and plots are drawn from the social world of first century Palestine. The stories offer a critical perspective on a social order that favored a privileged minority and maintained the majority in a kind of borderland existence. The parables portray God’s rule in compelling manner. They invite a response of faith and personal commitment.

Gordon King begins the book with by introducing readers to the power of stories in shaping our understanding of the world. He moves on to give attention to the social and economic context of Galilee and Judea at the time of Jesus. The following chapters present selected parables with careful attention to the way the narratives address injustices and inequities in the time of Jesus. Each chapter is introduced with a story from the margins of our world order and concludes with a reflection on the meaning of the parable for Christians who work for transformation in the borderlands of their communities.

The final chapter challenges readers to consider the personal stories that they write with their life commitments and daily decisions. The call to transformational work in a broken world requires a deep spirituality and strength of character. Seed Falling on Good Soil attempts to unpack the meaning of the parables for women and men who work for personal and social transformation in the borderlands.

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